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The Best 5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Mattress


When you invest in a nice and best mattress, you want it to last several years and give you a restful night’s sleep. The average mattress is designed to last five to 10 years or longer, but its longevity is dependent on how well it is cared for. If you are searching on information for adult bunk beds, please visit https://www.laweekly.com/best-mattress/. In addition, understanding how to care for a bed and be environmentally conscious can help you maintain your mattress as clean, safe, and pleasant as possible.

  • Ensure That the Mattress Is Properly Supported.

While you are not required to purchase a matching box spring or foundation with your new mattress, it is critical to ensure that your mattress is suitably supported. This helps preserve the fabric’s quality and prevents premature wear. Contact the manufacturer for assistance or consult the warranty agreement. While box springs are frequently used only with spring mattresses, memory foam and other speciality mattresses require strong, solid support.

The foundation should be stable enough to sustain the weight of the sleepers and the mattress, and queen and king beds should include centre support bars. Platform beds with big slats may require additional support depending on the shape and weight of the mattress. Every year or two, check the stability of your bed and make certain there are no missing slats or springs that might cause harm to your mattress.

  • 2. Always Begin with a Protective Mattress Cover.

We have already discussed the benefits of mattress protectors, and they are one of the simplest and safest ways to ensure the lifespan of your mattress. A good, high-quality mattress cover safeguards your mattress against spills and injury while also minimising the amount of dust, debris, and filth that accumulates on your bed.

This helps allergens like mildew and dust mites from gathering. In addition, when accidents occur, a protector simplifies cleanup, and the latest ones are nearly as comfy as a fitted bed.

  • 3. Daily Cleaning of Bed Linens

While you sleep, sweat, oils, blood, and skin cells are all shed. Crumbs are left behind during in-bed feeding, and pets will keep an eye on various stuff. Unfortunately, much of this will seep into mattress walls, promoting the growth of germs and dust mites, in addition to being unpleasant.

Most cleaning professionals recommend washing bedsheets and blankets every week to two weeks. However, even if you are wearing a mattress protector, it’s still vital to maintain sheets neat. Additionally, the mattress protector should be washed regularly, as instructed by the manufacturer.

  • 4. Provide Separate Beds for Your Pets.

When it comes to stuff on your covers, it is better to give dogs their beds than to let them snuggle up on your couch. Pets go outside and get dirty, and sometimes in the same condition, get on the bed. Unfortunately, pets can also have accidents, wreaking havoc on an otherwise good mattress.

  • 5. Rotate your mattress regularly.

Any mattress, regardless of its filling or size, benefits from frequent rotation. While some manufacturers assert that rotation is not necessary, it does assist promote more consistent wear, whereas not turning increases the possibility of depressions and softness. This is especially true in the first several years after breaking into your mattress.