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Why Weighted Blankets Good for Reducing Anxiety?


Sleeping while your whole body is covered with a heavy sheet can have a calming effect. People do a lot of things to reduce their anxiousness. They may sleep on time, buy new mattresses, add scented candles to their rooms, and meditate. But sometimes, it is a little change you need for a night of sound sleep, like the weighted blanket.

What are weighted blankets?

The term weight may sound a bit negative, but it is, in fact, a positive and helpful article. The weighted blankets are articles filled with some heavier plastic pellets or sometimes with sewn chains in the blanket.

Have you ever felt relaxed when somebody tightly hugged you? The same is the case when you cover yourself with a weighted blanket while sleeping—giving you a cozy and cuddly environment to sleep in.

How do the weighted blankets help?

According to research covering yourself with weighted blankest managed the production of several hormones through a process called grounding. The regulated levels of cortisol and other stress hormones can help in reducing stress.

A weighted blanket with the best memory foam mattress can do wonders to treat anxiety and other health issues. The following are some other physiological benefits of weighted blankets.

1.      Deep touch pressure therapy

When under pressure, our brain gets overstimulated; this way, the brain sends signals to the entire body about emergencies. However, to treat such a situation, we use the brain’s information gathering tool, that is, the sensory system.

In a human body, all the sensory cells are linked with skin; in deep touch therapy, the pressure is applied to various parts of the body. It will stimulate positive messages, taking the nervous system out of stress conditions.

The weighted blankets are the only way for deep touch pressure therapy after a long day, as most people cannot afford a massage every day.

2.      The serotonin production

Serotonin is known as the happy hormone. The indirect impact of deep touch pressure therapy is the increased production of serotonin. It will ultimately deplete the formation of stress hormones, giving you a fresh and lighter mood the next day.

Along with maintaining your mood swings and keeping you happy, serotonin will also help in the sleep-wake cycle. So those who are suffering from insomnia can use weighted blankets to recover.

3.      Minimized awake states at night

When you are sleeping under a heavy object, you will not be able to move freely. According to surveys, the sleep movements are awake states at night. These interruptions can disturb the health effects of your sleep.

4.      Sleep for long

The weighted blanket is a sound sleep package. With lesser night movements and a good mood, you can sleep longer. Those who want to wake up fresh early in the morning should try using the weighted blankets.


Using a weighted blanket is a complete lifestyle change. The results will be slow but obvious. Constant use of a weighted blanket can improve your health by decreasing the production of stress hormones. Moreover, a long sleep will make you look ten years younger than you are; try out the best mattress.